About Marand city

About Marand city | Marand is a city located in east Azerbaijan province. This city is one of the oldest cities in eastern Azerbaijan, dating back to Urartu period. Marand leads from north to Aras River and from east to city of Ahar (one of cities of East Azerbaijan). In this article, we want to introduce this city to you briefly.

About Marand

Geography and climate of Marand

Marand is 3844 kilometer square in area. Its height from sea level is 1334 meters. Because Marand is located in a mountainous region, it has a cold and dry climate.

Language of people of Marand

People in Marand speak in Azerbaijani language.

Custom and ceremonies of people in Marand

About Marand


Marand people have their own ceremonies. One of these ceremonies is held on Yaldā Night. Shab-e Chelleh / Yalda Night is the longest night of year in ancient Iranian culture, which is be held on night of 30th Azar (the ninth month in Solar Hijri calendar). In this night, people of Marand get together and eat a variety of foods such as watermelon, pomegranate, nuts, dried fruits, sweets. Also, cooking rice is common among people of Marand on this night.

Parcheh Bararn

It is a ceremony in which families of bride and groom go to bazaar to buy bride and groom’s wedding clothes.

Hana Bandan

Hana Bandan is a ceremony in which henna is put on bride and groom’s feet and hands. In Marand, men go to groom’s house and women go to bride’s house to perform Hana Bandan ceremony.

Local foods of Marand

About Marand

Marand has many local foods including variety types of soups, deserts (drinks, pickled vegetables, etc.), Kukus, cooked rice. Some of these local foods include Ishli Kukeh, Miveh Ashi, Khama Shurbasi, Qurma Shurbasi, Aq Sup, Qurbeh Ti, Kalam Dulmasi, Quimaq, Qavut, Cooked rice with lentil and Qabli.

Edible souvenirs of Marand

About Marand

Marand has many edible souvenirs such as European cornel, Gheysi, fresh apricots and sour cherries, pistachio, Qurabiya and Basloq.

Marand Handicrafts

About Marand

Marand has various and eye-catching handicrafts such as carpet weaving, basket weaving, pottery, ceramic making, kilim weaving and jajim weaving.


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