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We connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people & creating opportunity use Persian Civilization for all.

With access to many suppliers of genuine Iranian handicraft across the country, Mehand presents a wide spectrum of leather products, traditional Iranian costumes, variety types of dishes made with Iranian traditional craftsmanship, Gabbe, carpets and rugs to people who are interested in delicate Iranian handicrafts. Aiming to disseminate enriched Iranian art at international level as well as to facilitate the access to purchase Iranians outside the country and anyone who is interested in Iranian handicrafts, started its career in April 2018 under supervision of Pars Pendar Nahad holding company. Pars Pendar Nahad holding company was registerd with number 38390 in Isfahan. The initial idea of this holding company was to establish a company specialized in developing software for human resource management and provide consultation in business.

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