Astara Local foods

Astara Local foods | Astara has many colorful and diverse foods which attracts every visitor. Ingredients of these local foods are nutritious and good for health. In this article we want to introduce them to you.


Astara Local foods

Lavangi or stuffed chicken is an appetizing food which has sour-sweet taste. It is sour-sweet, because it has cherry plum or pomegranate sauce. Chicken is filled with ingredients such as grinded walnut, fragrant herbs (parsley, coriander, blue eryngopennyrile), onion, medlar sauce, pepper and salt.


Astara Local foods

The main ingredient of this local food is duck. To prepare this food, first, duck is filled with walnut, chopped onion, medlar sauce and verjuice. Then, stuffed duck is put in strained rice to brew. This food is served with fried tomato and pickled vegetables.


Astara Local foods

This local food has an appealing look. It is made with local chicken. Ingredients of this food include chopped onion, tomato paste, plum and different additives.


Astara Local foods

It is a delicious food which is served mostly in dinner. It can be served with bread. Ingredients such as chicken meat, potato, tomato, onion and egg are used to prepare this food.

Burani Polo

Astara Local foods

It is customary to cook this food in rainy days. Ingredients of this food are zucchini slices, milk, sugar, butter, turmeric, rice and Caspian Kutum.


This local food is mostly served in breakfast. Ingredients of this food include fried lamb kidney and liver, potato, onion and fried tomato.

Ash-e Doogh

Astara Local foods

This food is a main source of water. To prepare this food, chickpea is soaked in water one day before cooking. Then, chopped vegetables, rice, wheat flour and meat are poured into boiled Doogh (a kind of drink with water, yogurt, salt and fragrant vegetables). Local sour Doogh is used in this food.

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