Bakhtiari clothes

Bakhtiari clothes

Bakhtiari clothes | Bakhtiari people are the largest tribes in Iran, rooted in history of ancient Persia. Bakhtiari costumes are very similar to clothing of Ancient Persia, especially during Achaemenid and Sassanid periods.

Men’s cloth

Bakhtiari clothes

Bakhtiari men’s clothes include as following: Chogha, loose trouser (Dabit), Cap and shawl.


Chogha is a white cloth, with black striped lines and no sleeves. Usually a shirt is worn under it. This cloth is popular among people of Bakhtiari at various occasions. It is woven by Bakhtiari women from sheep wool and it is in black and white colors.

Loose trouser (Dabit)

Bakhtiari men usually wear black trousers, known as “Dabit “. Distinctive feature of this pant is that it has loose leg openings.


Bakhtiari cap is a black cap made of felt, which is worn most of the time. There are two types Bakhtiari cap: One is Kolah Khosravi (Khosravi cap) and the other is Shab Kolah.


Shawl is made of a delicate, soft and silk-like fabric. Color of shawl is white and green.

Women’s Cloth

Bakhtiari clothes


Bakhtiari women wear Lachak (a kind of scarf), which consists of a velvet ribbon (usually dark green, etc.). Its size is 40 by 22 centimeters.


It is made from lace fabric which is in different. Young people usually wear bright colored eyna, whereas, middle-aged women and old women wear dark colored Meyna.

Women dress (Jowa)

Jowa is a tall dress, which has three buttons and two slits in both side for ease of walking.


Dastmal is actually considered as a type of fabric that Bakhtiari women wear it on their foreheads.

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