Havari polo

Havari polo is a kind of local foods in west of Iran specially in Bandar Abbas.
Grind the onion and garlic finely, grate and mix, add some salt to the frying pan and hot oil for frying.
Then add pepper and spice as well as prepared saffron and wait a little. Then add the cleaned shrimp to it. Then add tomato paste. Note that shrimp is not roasted too much, just enough to change shrimp color.
Add 1 cup of boiling water to the materials and let it cook, add the crushed coriander, stir a little, then leave it cool.

Havari polo
In a separate container, boil the water and add rice to it, let it cook then sieve rice. Pour a little oil in a pot and a layer of rice, then pour a layer of roasted materials on another layer and Continue this process so that the material ends, cover the last layer with shrimp, heat up until the rice starts to steam and let it brew the rice After cooking gently mix the ingredients with the fork, and pour a few oil on rice, and serve in the dish.

Havari polo

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