iranian albaloo polo (rice with sour cherry)

Iranian Albaloo Polo (rice with sour cherry) is a famous Persian food. It is very popular among people of Shiraz. Here, we want to present you how to cook Albaloo Polo.

Iranian Albaloo Polo
Ingredients used to cook Albaloo Polo
Rice4 cups
Sour cherry500 grams
Sugar200 grams
OilIn the amount needed
Pepper/saltIn the amount needed
Minced meat300 grams

How to cook Albaloo Polo

To cook this food, first you need to wash sour cherries and remove their cores. Put the sour cherries with sugar into a pot and put it on a stove with a gentle heat. After 10 minutes, pick up the pot from stove and pour the sour cherries into a sieve to take its syrup. Then, heat the syrup to concentrate it.

Grind onions and add them to meat.After that, add some pepper and salt to ingredients and mix them. Knead the ingredients and make meatballs. Put meatballs into a frying pan and fry them.It’s time to prepare your cooked rice. To do this,when rice is strained, pour it into a pot with fried meatballs and sour cherries. Now, add some sour cherry syrup to rice and let it brew. When the rice is brewed, decorate it with saffron, sour cherry and meatballs.

Iranian Albaloo Polo

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