Iranian Shir berenj

Iranian Shir berenj | Shir berenj is a kind of Iranian food that can be used as dessert due to its sweet taste. Iranian people eat this delicious food mostly in Ramadan but during other time of the year cooking shir berenj is common between them.

Shir berenj
The main ingredients of shir berenj are rice and milk but if you want to know about details of cooking shir berenj you should follow this article.
As we said before to cook shir berenj we need rice, milk and also sugar, rose water and a little cream which is optional.
At first we should wash the rice, then boil it with milk till it become soft after that we should add some more milk and a little cream as I said before it is optional and let it to cook completely on medium heat. Don’t forget to stir it otherwise it will be burned. At last you should add rose water and sugar, the amount of sugar depends on your taste.
Now your shir berenj is ready. Pore it in suitable dish. It can serve hot or cold which is depended on your idea and your taste.

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