Khatam Kari (Properties of high quality inlay)

Khatam Kari (Properties of high quality inlay)

Khatam Kari is one of famous Iranian handicrafts, which is common in Shiraz and Isfahan. When buying this handicraft, you should pay attention to some points. To distinguish high quality inlay from poor quality inlay, you should consider following points.

  • The tinier triangles and patterns are, the higher quality of inlay is.
  • Colors should be of high quality. Poor quality colors make inlay unattractive.
  • Metals such as copper, gold, silver, brass, aluminum, and copper should be used.
  • Color and shape should not be changed.
  • Raw materials and patterns used in inlay should be uniform.
  • Flowers and patterns used in inlay should have a special symmetry.
  • If an inlayed object is in form of a box, it should have hidden hinges.
  • There must be no gap between attachment points and cut points.
  • Coloring and layering should be done with special skill, so that there is no crinkle on surface of wood.
  • All surfaces should not be empty and should have patterns.

Khatam Kari

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