Khorasan province

Khorasan province is the largest province in Iran in terms of area. This province is located in northeast of Iran. This province has a very long history.

Khorasan’s climate

Khorasan province

Due to vast area of this province, climate of this province is divided into four parts: Steppe, Mediterranean, Semi desert, warm and arid.

Language of people of Khorasan

Due to presence of different ethnic groups in this province, people of Khorasan speak in Turkish, Kurdish, Tajiki and Persian.

Special ceremonies of people of Khorasan

Khorasan local games

Shah Molaii ceremony

This ceremony is held both in urban and rural areas. In this ceremony, benefactors help poor people a few days before New Year.

Gol Qaltan ceremony

This ancient ceremony is held annually in Kakhk (a city in Khorasan). In this ceremony, when Damask roses grow, a few women take their baby with themselves to rose gardens and start to pick Damask roses. In the meantime, they sing special songs. Then, spread a white fabric and put the baby inside the fabric. After that, they pour picked petals of Damask roses in this fabric. Meanwhile, they sing special traditional songs.

Edible souvenirs of Khorasan

Khorasan province

This province has various edible souvenirs including variety types of additives, saffron, barberry, caraway, sliced pieces of dried peach, apple, dried prune, Noql (a type of Iranian sweet), rock candy, dried white mulberry, raisin, local honey, variety types of herbs, local diaries, rhubarb, fava bean, Qareh Qurut and Sohan.

Local sweets of Khorasan

Khorasan province

Some of local sweets of Khorasan include ginger sweet, Paderazi, Shekar Panir, Rosette, Berenji bread Halva-e Natef.

Local handicrafts of Khorasan

Khorasan province

This province has various handicrafts which show genuine Iranian art. They are common in every part of the province. Some of these handicrafts are: carpet weaving, felting, kilim weaving, mat weaving, basket weaving, toreutics, quilting, Barak weaving (Barak is a type of texture made of goat’s fur or camel’s fur) and Charuq (a type of traditional Iranian footwear made of leather).

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