Local foods of Maku

Local foods of Maku | Maku is a city located in West Azerbaijan. It has nutritious, delicious and various local foods. Here we want to introduce some of these local foods to you.


Local foods of Maku

This nutritious food is healthy. It is good for cold. It consists of ingredients such as potato, onion, rice, egg, savory and scallion.


It is specific to Maku. It is called “Hasta” in local language. To make this simple food, first, flour is mixed with water and grape syrup. Then, they are fried. This food can be served as desert or main meal.


Local foods of Maku

It is a delicious and sugary food. To prepare this food, first, water and animal oil are mixed. Then, flour is added little by little. In the next step, some turmeric and caraway are added. When food is ready, some cinnamon and sugar are added for a better flavor.

Saj Qavurmasi

Local foods of Maku

The main ingredient of this food is meat. To make this high-fat food, first, meat is sautéed with tail fat, tomato, onion in a traditional pan called “Saj”. Then, it is heated on stove to cook well. To cook this food completely, oil and water should be evaporated.


This delectable food consists of ingredients such as wheat, chickpea, lentil, walnut and raisin.

Kaleh Jush Ashi

Local foods of Maku

Kaleh jush Ashi is made of ingredients such as bulgur, chickpea, wheat, Kashk and local vegetable called “Aq Penjar”.


Local foods of Maku

To make this simple food, first, Gheysi /date is fried. Then, it is mixed with sugar or grape syrup to make it tasty.

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