Local games of Ardabil

Local games of Ardabil

Local games of Ardabil | Ardabil has exciting, joyful and diverse local games. These games are played individually or in group. In this article we briefly introduce some of these games to you.

Local games of Ardabil

Gizlin Pach

This game is played as hide-and-seek game. In this game, first, a person is blindfolded. Then, other players try to hide. When all players hide, the blindfolded person tells some words in Turkish aloud and tries to find them. If he/she failed to find the players, the game restarts.

Cheling Aqaj

This game is played in such a way that at first a large and a small pieces of wood are prepared. This game is performed in two stages. In the first stage, player hold the large piece of wood in his/her hand in such a way that one part of wood is placed under his/he hand and the other part is above his/her hand. Then, player throws the small piece of wood into air while holding the large one.

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