Local games of Shiraz

Local games of Shiraz

Local games of Shiraz | Shiraz has specific local games. These local games are exciting and interesting. Here we introduce you three local games of Shiraz.

Local games


This game is played as following. First, players stand in a circle. One player is chosen as leader. Leader stands in center of the circle and chooses one player. The player gives a piggyback ride to leader. Then, leader covers eyes of player with one hand and tap on him/her gently with another hand, while asking some certain questions continuously. If the player answers correctly, he/she became leader. If he/she answers wrongly, another player should give piggyback ride to leader. Then, this continues until leader is changed.


In this game, first, a person is selected as leader. Then, leader grab a belt and chooses name of an animal. Leader tries to show shape of the animal with belt to players while describing the animal. Then, players look at leader and try to guess name of the animal. The first player who guesses name of the animal correctly, is the winner.

Avali, Avali Bahareh

In this game, first, a player is chosen. Then, he/she bends. Special phrases are allocated to each player. After that, players jump over him/her one by one. Each player should try to say the phrases correctly. If one player cannot say the phrases correctly, he/she should bend.

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