Local games of Torbat-e Heidarieh

Local games


Local games of Torbat-e Heidarieh | Kharpolak is an exciting, amusing and interesting game. It is normally played in Nowruz (Iranian New Year) days or on Sizdah Bedar (one of ancient Iranian ceremony held on thirteenth day of year). This game has no age limit. In this game, a platform with a certain height is made with stone. Then, surface of ground is flattening for the game. Now, players should run towards the platform from distance and jump over it. Then, they measure the amount of their jump. One who jumps further, is the winner.

Stone throwing

This local simple game is played in an open area. This game is played on Farvardin 13th and 14th (Farvardin is the first month of the Iranian solar Hijri calendar). This game is such that at first, players lift up rock and throw it forward. Anyone who can throw more stones, is the winner.

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