Maku Tourist attractions

Maku Tourist attractions

Maku Tourist attractions | Maku is a border townbetween Iran and Turkey, which has many tourist attractions. This city has agood weather because it lies between two mountain ranges. For this reason, it hasattracted domestic and foreign tourists. In this article, we want to mentionsome of these tourist attractions.

Kolah Farangi

Maku Tourist attractions

It is a mansion whichdates back to Qajar[ era.It has two stories. Its shape is octagonal. Each of the stories have balconieswhich are decorated with pargetting and Orsi (a type of Iranian traditionalarchitecture decorative as lattice windows).

Qaban\Qoban Castle

Maku Tourist attractions

This historic castle islocated next to a mountain. It has high towers, alcove, bath and jail. Date of construction of this castle is unknown. It is 250hectares. It is said that destroyed chambers at top of the castle were place wherepeople of city stored their foods. The castle also has tunnels that wereprobably city’s secret paths.

Agh Gol lagoon

Maku Tourist attractions

Agh Gol lagoon is one ofthe most beautiful and natural areas that has a variety of plant and animalspecies. It is located along Aras ]River.It is 475 hectares. This lagoon is full of water in spring and winter. Mineralwater is also located next to this lagoon.

Farhad stone crypt

Farhad Stone crypt / FarhadRoof is located in west of Maku. It dates back to Urartu period. It has rooms built in the heart of mountain. Polished walls of thisbuilding also have niches used for keeping torch.

St Georg Church

Maku Tourist attractions

It was built in 16th century. This church has an octagonal dome with three light wells. The church entrances are located on west and northwest side.

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