Marand Local attraction

Marand has diverse historical, religious and natural tourist attractions. Historical evidences reveal that Marand dates back to Median period. In following sections, we introduce Marand tourist attractions.

Jameh mosque of Marand

Marand Local attraction

This mosque is located at center of city. It dates back to 732 AH. It has a 12 meter long corridor. This mosque has two mihrabs. One of them is 6 meters high and 76 meters wide. It is located in south of the mosque. The other mihrab is decorated with pargetting, bricks and beautiful Kufic inscriptions.

Pir Bala waterfall

Marand Local attraction

This beautiful waterfall is located in a village called “Pir Bala” in southwest of Marand. Height of this waterfall is 15 meters. It flows from beautiful mountains. This waterfall is full of water in spring, which make it a good place to go on a picnic.

Dugijan cave

Marand Local attraction

One of intact and spectacular places of Marand is Dugijan cave which is located in east of Marand. Width of cave’s mouth is 3.5 meters. There is a valley on right of the cave that leads to mouth of cave. If you want to enter this cave, you must enter this cave one by one, because cave’s mouth is small.

Mandagarana castle

Marand Local attraction

This castle is located in north of Marand. It dates back to 6,000 years ago. This castle is made of adobe.

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