With the emphasis on privacy, Mehand company is demanding personal information from customers to buy, comment, or use website facilities to provide users with reliable services.
To send orders and processing, information such as email and phone number is required. Since all activities are legal and are carried out in accordance with commercial laws and at the time of purchase, on request of customers, the invoice is issued, thus entering personal information such as the name and national code for individuals and or economic code and national identification code are required.
It is emphasized that the email and the mailing address are the files that the customer registers on his profile, only official phones and emails that are approved by the customer and all correspondence with the client is done in this way.
Therefore, insertion of the address, email, and fixed and mobile contact numbers is confirmed by the customer, and if the above items are not entered correctly or fully, Mehand will Request additional information to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the ordering.

Customers can enter the name, address, and telephone of someone else for delivery order and will use this information only to send the same order.
It may also use some information to communicate with customers, website content optimization, and marketing research, and send email or SMS messages to members of the web for the purpose of informing events and news, special services or promos.


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