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Enameling is the English equivalent of Minakari in Persian and the closest meaning for Mina is blue sky. Enamels is the unique art of soil and fire with shine colors that heated in the furnace. The origin of enameling back to 1500 years ago. The time of enamels art advent in Isfahan is indeterminate but there are a few enamels works have remained since Qajar era. These works ate something like Hookah and jug. In Qajar era hookah was one of The most popular entertainment of Qajar kings.

Undoubtedly, the art of enamels is one of the most creative innovations of mankind.

As usual the art of enamels done on cooper. There are several steps in process of making enamels works that We will refer to them.

First step is making a cooper dish. It can make by coppersmith or by using bending or press machine and after that in order to remove any kind of Stain of oil and contamination the dishes will wash with water, soap, citric acid and salt essence.

In the second step the dishes will cover with white glaze and heated in furnace at 700 ° C. This step is repeated three to four times to fix the glaze.

In the third stage, the dishes are painted by the experienced artists.

In the last step the dishes will heated again in furnace at 400 ° C to gain desired colors.

It is interesting to know that in order to make red color spectrum they use gold, in order to make green spectrum they use cooper, in order to make blue and turquoise blue spectrum they use metals and finally to make white colors they use industrial colors.



Enameling methods

Enameling materials used in Zir Sakht

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Persian Enameling (Minakari)

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