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This style is considered as an Iranian style of Persian art. Flowers and Chicken are the symbol of divine grace and the delicate manifestation of the Creator. In a way, the love story of flowers and chicken is similar to God’s prayer.

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Chocolate bowl

The allegorical paintings of birds and animals with the branches, flowers, leaves, and Islamic lines form an important part of the miniature, which is called the Illumination that decorated around the pictures and texts.

Therefore, the illumination includes the art of decorating and decorating linear books. A special way to create designs with a solution of gold and silver, which includes regular Islamic and geometric lines.

In the art of illumination, natural colors were used, but nowadays the same colors are used in addition, watercolor and postal color and a solution of gold and silver, which is, of course, the main colors of the illumination. The background color of this art is usually blue. Today, we are dealing with two types of gilding: the first form of illumination whose artists work accordance with traditional principles and do not perceive the structure (motifs, flower and bird patterns, traditional and Islamic patterns and …), the second category is gilding with modern patterns or combined both, that the second type is More updated. Of course, the artist has preferred to combine these two types of art and create   unique and special works.

Made by Zahra Shapourinegad


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