Qashqai clothes

Qashqai clothes | Perhaps you have seen a picture of tribal women who dance hand in hand, a scene in which the beautiful colors attract more attention than anything else. If you are a little familiar with the nomads of Iran, you can quickly guess which one you are facing: Qashqai tribes.
Qashqai tribe is one of the largest Iranian tribe that live in Fars province. For many orientalists and scholars, Qashqai clothe is one of the most prominent, oldest and valuable signs of Iranian cultural identity. Local clothes of Qashqai women and men are very attractive.

Women’s cloth

Qashqai clothes

Woman dress

Women dress in Qashqai tribes are long and have 2 slits in both sides for ease of walking. Sleeves of this clothe are long.
Tonban Torki is a long corrugated skirt which is made from lightweight fabrics. All Qashqai women wear two or three of skirts.

Charghad (scarf)

Charghad is a delicate and thin fabric which has a special pattern and it is used as a scarf. It covers head except face. Malileh Doozi is used to ornament this cloth.


Dastmal is a fabric which is used as a headband and protects the head against cold and wind. The fabric of headband should be made of precious fabrics such as silk.

Arkhalogh for women (velvet vest)

Arkhalogh is a warm cloth, so it is worn in cold seasons.

Men’s cloth

Qashqai clothes

Kolah-e Do Gushi (felted cap)

Kolah-e Do Gushi is a type of felted cap which is made of delicate fluff (which is very rare). due to heavy weight, it does not fall down from head when there is wind and storm, and can protect the head against the sun shines. This felted cap is usually in dark gray color.

Shal-e Kamar (men shawl)

In general, it is always 5 or 6-meter length .the white fabric that is wrapped around waist, which helps body during fast moving.

Chegheh or Chogheh is a type of cloth made of silk. It is worn over Arkhalogh and Zenhareh.


Zenhareh is woven from delicate, colorful and woolen threads .

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