Qazvin Customs and ceremonies

Qazvin Customs | People of Qazvin hold special ceremonies in different occasions. These ceremonies are rooted in Iranian culture. Here, we introduce some of these ceremonies.

Samanu Pazan

Qazvin Customs

This ceremony is held in a particular way. It is held before New Year. In this ceremony, women get together in groups and prepare ingredients of Samanu (a type of Iranian traditional food). Samanu Pazan is accompanied by special praise.

Panjah Bedar

Qazvin Customs

It is specific to Qazvin. In this ceremony, people pray for rain. It is held on fiftieth day of year. On this day, people go to nature and get together. Moreover, they eat Doimaj (a traditional dessert of Qazvin) and Ash-e- Reshteh, nuts, sweet and watermelon.

Choob Jang

This ceremony is held by men in weddings. In Choob Jang ceremony, men grab a stick and dance.

Pomegranate ceremony

Qazvin Customs

It is held on last days of Shahrivar (Sixth month in Solar Hejri calendar). In this ceremony, villagers go to gardens and pick pomegranate, while special song is played.

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