About Shiraz : Persian Poetry City

About Shiraz : Persian Poetry City

About Shiraz is one of beautiful cities in Iran. It has a long history, dating back to Achaemenid era. Shiraz is a place where famous Iranian poets such as Hafez-e Shirazi and Saadi Shirazi are buried. In this article, we want to familiarize you with this city briefly.


Climate of Shiraz

Shiraz has a temperate climate in mountainous area (north and northwest). It has temperate and dry climate in central area and warm climate in south and northwest.

Language of people of Shiraz

people of Shiraz speak in Persian.

Custom and ceremonies of people of Shiraz


Ruz Valun

One of traditional custom of people of Shiraz is called “Ruz Valun”. In this custom, groom’s family prepare Iftar and give it along with special gifts and flowers to bride’s family.

Yalda Night

Yalda Night is an Iranian traditional ceremony which is held at night of Azar 30th (Azar is the ninth month in Iranian Solar Hijri calendar). At this night, members of families’ invite each other and eat nuts, dates, local sweets, watermelon and Kalam Polo Shirazi (a type of local food specific to Shiraz). They also read poems of Hafez-e Shirazi (a famous Iranian poet).

Local foods of Shiraz


Shiraz has many diverse and delectable foods. They are often eaten with cooked rice. Some of these foods are eaten with stew. Some of local foods of Shiraz are Kalam Polo Shirazi, Yakhni Shirazi, Shekar Polo Shirazi, Ash Mast, Ash Sabzi, Shirazi Salad, vegetable Kofta, cooked rice with black eyed pea, Do Piaze Shirazi, Ash-e Anar, Qurmeh Beh, Rob Polo, Ab Piazak, cooked rice with carrot, kofteh Huluye Shirazi, Persian tomato cooked rice, Qanbar Polo and Albaloo Polo.

Edible souvenirs of Shiraz


Shiraz is a city famous for herbal distillates such as common fumitory, dog-rose, pussy pillow, bitter orange, Echium, rose water, hawthorn, chicory, that you can buy. Also, there are delicious sweets in this city such as Halvay-e Ardeh, Haji Badam, Komaj bread, Komach, Yukheh, Loz, Masqati Lari, local cookie, Faloodeh Shirazi, local breads, Halvay-e Ardeh, date, Halva Kharak, Ranginak, candied almonds and Halvaye Kaseii.

Handicrafts of Shiraz


Shiraz has different handicrafts. These handicrafts include metalworking, inlay, carpet, kilim, Gabbeh, mat weaving, wood carving, pottery, felting, Giveh (a type of Iranian traditional footwear), leather making, stone carving, glassblowing, miniature, mosaics, toreutics, ceramic objects, enamel.

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