Tabriz handicrafts

Tabriz handicrafts are old, interesting and attractive. They originate from beautiful and genuine Persian art. In this article we want to introduce these handicrafts to you.

Leather products

Tabriz handicrafts

From long time ago, Tabriz has been considered as one of centers in Iran for making leather products. Leather is made through various stages. Leather is one of Iranian handicraft which is common in Tabriz.


Varni is a type of handmade textile which is made of silk and wool. It has many diverse patterns and designs. Patterns used in Varni are inspired by nature. Genuine, natural raw materials and various designs are prominent features of Varni which make this handicraft distinct.

Silver inlaying

Tabriz handicrafts

This art dates back to Seljuk era. Silver inlaying products in Tabriz are as decorative panels, cups, accessories, dishes, prayer beads, etc. In Tabriz, silver inlaying is done more on prayer beads.

Framed pebble pictures

Tabriz handicrafts

One of eye-catching handicrafts of Tabriz is framed pebble pictures. They are made in various shapes such as human face, natural landscapes, arabesques and Islamic patterns. These framed pebble pictures are made by putting together pebbles with delicate and beautiful manner.


Tabriz handicrafts

Toreutics is art of carving patterns and designs on metal (golden, silver, copper, brass) containers. In Tabriz, toreutics products are different. They are produced with little embossed patterns and with special skill.

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