These days millions of people prefer online shopping and spend hundreds of billions of dollars on it. They are provided with great range of shops through the Internet. Approximately they are on the brink of falling victim to online shopping fraud. Consequently, they should choose a trustworthy shop.

This website (Pars Pendar Nahad Holding was registered in 2008 with registration number 38390 in Isfahan city) includes variety of products such as Iranian goods and handicrafts belonging to different cities in Iran. Various buyers from all around the world are able to use this website to buy whatever they are interested in without any difficulties. These products contain ‘source code’ that makes shopping trustful. Aside from people are provided with enough information (all details and photos) about the sellers, how to reach them, and delivery services. The company’s policy is based on delivering the orders as fast as possible in collaborating with DHL, PDE and TNT.

We will be so glad to have you here and also our teamwork will be delighted that you have chosen this online shopping website and will do the best to make you satisfied.



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